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Inside & Outside City Limits

Being in or out of the City limits will impact the level of services you receive and the service providers for your home or property. It can be a bit confusing, so we will try and help you sort this out.

Inside City limits you:
  • Will have full access to City police and fire/emergency services from Rhome.
  • Will be able to use City water and sewer services.
  • May reach out to City staff for help with certain issues, such as water/sewer questions, trash pick-up, electing local officials, etc.
Outside City limits you:
  • Will need to go through Wise County for police coverage.
  • Need to secure your own water / sewer source.
  • Should check your address to ensure it is in the City limits.
  • May notice that you have a Rhome mailing address, which is due to the location of the U.S. Post Office (located at 500 S. Main Street) and may not be due to living in the City limits.

Here is a link to our zoning map with our city limits.

Why is this important?  If you are not in the city limits, while you won’t be paying city taxes, you will be assessed county or other taxing district charges.  And, unfortunately you will not have access to city services.