Rhome offers many options for a place to call home.
Ellis Homestead - located on the southwest edge of Rhome just off of Hwy 287, Ellis Homestead offers large lots and spacious brick homes.
Crown Point - located in the center of Rhome just east of Main Street, Crown Point offers regular size city lots and comfortably-sized brick homes.
ByWell Estates - located East of Rhome on SH Hwy 114, ByWell Estates is a well-maintained manufactured home community.
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Country Connection Realtors
101 North Main St, Rhome, TX 76078
(817) 638-9050

Top-Way Properties
492 Private Road 4817, Rhome, TX 76078
(817) 430-1234

BFC Realty Ltd Bill Carter Realtor
501 South Main Street, Rhome, TX 76078
(817) 638-2222

Old Rhome, also known as "Old Town" - looking for homes with a lot of history and character? Take a tour around Rhome proper.
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Welcome to the City of Rhome

Welcome to the City of Rhome
Physical Location: 501 South Main Street  | Mailing Address: PO Box 228 | Rhome, TX 76078
Phone: 817-636-2462 | Fax: 817- 636-2465 | Metro: 817-638-2758 | cityofrhome@earthlink.net