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The Rhome Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community by providing the highest quality public service, protection of life and property, and impartial law enforcement, while always maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

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Crime Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season

Starting March 1, 2015, the State of Texas went to a Two Steps One Sticker program that will allow registered vehicles to display one sticker for both registration and inspection.  Please follow this link for more information:  Two Steps One Sticker

Sec. 13.03.005     Trash Containers to be kept sanitary and secure
All trash containers shall be kept clean and free from accumulation of any substance remaining attached to the inside of the container which would attract or breed flies, mosquitoes, or other insects. The area surrounding trash containers shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. The contents of all trash receptacles shall be protected so that the wind cannot scatter the contents over the streets, alleys, or other property within the city. All trash containers shall be securely closed in such a manner as to prevent the scattering of the contents and to make them inaccessible to insects, rodents, and other animals. (1999 Code, sec. 50.05)
Rhome Police Department

400 BC Rhome Ave
P.O. Box 228
Rhome, Texas 76078

Please contact us via the email below for any non-emergency issue.


In an emergency please call 911. 
The Wise County Sheriff's Department dispatches calls for the City of Rhome.
For non emergency issues you may also reach them at 940-627-5971

To report a code violation email:
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There are no open positions at this time
Welcome to the City of Rhome
Physical Location: 501 South Main Street | Mailing Address: PO Box 228 | Rhome, TX 76078
Phone: 817-636-2462 | Fax: 817-636-2465 | Metro: 817-638-2758 | cityofrhome@earthlink.net