Building Inspections and Permits
For All City Inspections
(building, fire, electrical, plumbing):
Bureau Veritas
Mark Jones
Fax: (817) 837-8859 - preferred
Voice: (877) 837-8775

Code Compliance Officer

Please send all requests for inspections via fax to
(817) 335-8810. Please only call the voice line if you
don't have access to a fax device or service.
When a request is made the project must be ready for inspection, with address posted clearly and have City approved plans and permit card.
Permit Forms

Electrical Permit
Building Permit
Plumbing Permit
Mechanical Permit
Contractor Form
Vendor Permit - Fixed location
Vendor Permit - Door to Door
Release of Information

Coding Information

Building Code
Electrical Code
Energy Code
Existing Building Code
Fire Code
Mechanical Code
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